Saturday, July 28, 2007

excuse me but the new spice girls promo pic is looking abit strange.
Posh spice looks like she just got fucked up the arse, Ginger spice looks like Eddie from ab/fab, Baby spice looks like some L.A. porno star, Mel C/ Sporty spice is looking terribly like Cat powers!!! and scarey spice like she's enjoying that latte too much!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

View from my window.

I took a day off work and went furniture hunting in newtown today.
My flatmate and i did newtown, we did newtown, every shop from the Afghan interiors (we love the tealights and kilms and gorgeous pottery and glassware which looked like it was melted with a magnifying glass or laser-guided missle) to the tibetan shop with all sorts of tin ornaments and the "java" furniture store which the guy assured me his boss was busy digging up entire villages in a volcanoe affected town, toss out the bodies and keep the fabulous teak wood furniture "gorgeous" was often thrown up from my mouth. We had lunch at that cafe, um down the side-street with the absolutely gorgeous half black latino greek guy. He'd be my ideal man in physical form, with black curly hair, he was just too much we wet our panties like a bunch of school girls on a summers day, WET!
Hit freedom furniture and stumbled home with creamy rice pudding and doughnuts.

What a day.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Busy with work, busy with moving and building furniture, who'd think i could build furniture, it's so butch, makes me damn horny. Woke up in the morning with sticky boxers and i didn't even remember why! damn.

An ex buddy called me up and well, we had a few drinks and went over to his place to check out his new plasma tv, freggin huge! you get seasick watching it and then before you know it, my pants were down my ankles .
He's a cyclist, so he knows about being thirsty but it's been such a long time for me that er, i was a little excited and well....
However there was plenty to go round so he had seconds ..and thirds.... He on the other hand took ages before he could pop, nearly got lockjaw but you know a hand in the bush is worth two in the mouth or something.

Oral sex is so overrated.

Anyway, i'm very happy with my life for now, once i get my antique desk (hitting newtown on monday) i'll be settled and actually enjoy my new space.
We have a great new team at work (to the detriment of the other clinic) and i feel i can relax abit on the operations part, letting others take responsibility allowing me to fully focus on developing business and business models.

I'm eating quite abit of ice cream lately, have to work out abit more before summer hits.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Everyones got the flu, my nose has slowed down but still, atleast my voice is lower hehehe. It's so cold in sydney it's obscene, reminds me of melbourne but with sun.
I'm settling into this fantastic place even when the sun bounces off the water straight into my bedroom which by the way has an ikea desk which is too small.
I should have spent abit more money but anyway, i will look for something antique in rozelle soon, you do need to spend abit more for quality these days.
I love gorgeous things with a history, or perceived.

My mother insists that vodka is good for colds and you do know, mother knows best.

Friday, July 13, 2007

work and more work, bought ikea furniture and had to build it, got one more damn shelf thing and it's done. I think they've simplified the process but anyway i had to buy a single bed because i want some space in the bedroom so i guess i wont be bringing many guys home for hot sex sessions unless we do it standing up or on the floor or against the wall... anyway i've given up on the whole sex thing, i've just, given up.

Anyway, tomorrows a big day, busy, then back home to get some cables and things and back here again to clean and build more, ikea furniture. Sometimes i wish i had a man who'd just take over and do these things and i can just look pretty and get the bed ready and then all of a sudden i realise it's all on my own and make the best of it.

i think we've been here before.

my nose is running, i think i'm coming down with a cold.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Quick note, made it to the inner west, the apt. is great, great views of water! lots of ..water! and those bloody green and blue birds that sit along the balcony.
I will share photos once i know how to load them from my new carrier and once i get some ikea furniture.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

I've just had the joy of visiting my doctor however he was on holiday at the snowfields so i got his impersonator who likes to write explicitly what i have wrong with me. A simple "viral infection' or 'flu' or 'bacterial infection' or a myriad of medical subtlties would suffice for a medical certificate but no, it had to be in big letters for all to see.
On the same day i get an email of some guy asking me if i wanted to have sex with him.
i would have if i wasn't shitting my kidneys out, i would have if it was summer and i'm hot from the sun, i would have if i had just exfoliated, i would have if i could be bothered but as you all know, my life is never so simple.
I politely declined noting my delicate condition "you don't want my shit to be the only lubricant, an no it doesn't taste like strawberry" however would keep in contact if i needed a spare plumber.

I'm alright now i think, the cup of early grey seems to have ventured into my bladder this time instead of my colon, i think i'll go back to bed, i can't believe i slept most of the day and the time with a pulsating hard-on. What's with me when i'm down with flu or sick i get highly aroused, must be some Freud thing in the past or is that Jung, one of those.... i should come up with psychoanalynical theories of my own.

The flotis theory where things happens for no apparent reason, have a profound effect then disappear from all trace destroying any historical clue.

There is no justification.

my farts smell funny.

Monday, July 02, 2007

In my delerium i wanted a Louis vuitton tote canvas bag , i was down with the flu and have come to my senses, well mildy.
First day back at work after a holiday feels weird, it was quiet so we sat on the floor and talked about our families because that's what people from the country talk about.
I ate nothing but drank peppermint tea and smoked a cigarette and called it a day my stomache still stabbing me at intervals.
"Dumb" and the "chinese swimmer" have boyfriends and it's interesting to see what people in love do with their mobile phones.
I think it's sweet, young love, it's so free and innocent, discussing names for future children and personal insecurities i wonder if i could talk such things with a partner or would i create a new persona with tailor made deficiencies to compliment his .
Could i be worried if he was worried about something?
It's all very sweet from afar.

My flatshare got pushed back another weekend, it's become the never ending story of my life.

And there was love.... which i fell for on a Louis vuitton tote bag.