Wednesday, March 29, 2006

It's been quite hectic lately with work picking up and schedualed lunches. My world has inverted itself like a succulent mango in summertime.
Watched Aeon flux, that action/sci-fi movie with message of 'don't clone or you might gets something spooky back with you" but all this enfant-aqua amongst jittery pixelism. I enjoyed watching Charlieze theron crack several masculine necks with her svelte thighs, backflipped and ran through exploding walls with perfect moving hair. It was all about the hair.
Work has been, and who is one to argue having been doing being. Client H. who's going to brazil in a few weeks time explained to me what a 'bunda' is

h- yer.. so in brazil ..the women.. they're built differently

me- hmm... they have two heads?

h- nah mate.. they got bunda

me- yer, that's great... how are u going with the pain?

h- it's alright mate, dunno what this foot tapping shit's about..can't stop...

me- it's just your body trying to divert pain messages, perfectly normal.


me- bunda?

h- yer...



me- bunda?

h- yer..mate...

me- bunda? is that like gucci but from south america?

h- what? gooffey? he's american aint he?

me- bunda.

h- oh yer.. nice... big round bundas..

me- breasts?

h- nah mate, arse. beautiful arse.

me- oh.


h- yer.......

me - well you know nothing like some poop shoot action.
Ok, times up.

I bought a fabulous pair of black jeans, not too fitting, just slim-enough cut to suggest rocker but not so thin it screams chicken-legs.

And i adore WWD SCOOP , it's the 'retail' branch of Womens Wear Daily with its pictures of sofia coppola and marc jacobs boogie-woogie-ing, fat and old and sweating. Gorgeous Kate moss as a hologram at Alexander mcqueens latest collection. Also i'm obsessing 'CRASH' magazine, fashion in a portable but dignified format with fantastic interviews with heidi silmane and veronique barinquo in french!!!
Can't read the shit but who cares when it's the size of a local phone directory but in high gloss poster-paper.
Had lunch at burton and forbes, fresh sea scallops on a bed of gently braised cabbage with wild mustard seeds. So, delicate and sweet, one could have my tastebuds arrested for lewd conduct.

GOATS CHEESE is my new food and i'm getting intouch with my spiritual side, i'm wearing amathyst and aligning myself with the mystic jews, more hasidic orthodox than hollywood kaballa.

It's all about the hat, the hair and the gorgeous coat.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

In the myth, Psyche is a beautiful princess of whom the goddess Venus is jealous. In her rage she orders her son cupid to make Psyche fall in love with a monster, but Cupid falls in love with her himself.
After several trials Cupid and Psyche make their plea to the gods who turn Psyche into an immortal and allow them to be married in heaven.

Flotis detox.

Exercise - Clean room plus vaccum.

Food - Custard tarts and Lady grey tea.

Meditation - Lounging in relaxed clothing with Men's non+no and British Vogue.

Indulge - Chocolate peanut clusters.

Rehydrate - Several glasses of chilled Evian whilst listening to Edith piaf.

Bath - WildOat milk bath.

Monday, March 20, 2006

I don't want what i haven't got except for another glass of vodka.

I finally found where fergus lives, it's this street with a train line through the middle of it. If only someone told me it was right next to woolomolloo wharf then it would have been so much easier.
So we got there when the party was in full swing glasses of champagne came fast and when that ran out.. triple vodka cranberry things and martinis and cosmopolitans and things... it was fabulous.
We talked, we threw our heads back in laughter and introduced ourselves to each other.
Amy came over later and thats when the vodka shots started. No one told me to use shot glasses so i just used the normal drinking glasses.
You know what's weird, i don't get drunk with vodka, i mean i do feel abit of an effect but i wasn't plastered or running to the bathroom every 5 minutes unlike one dear uni-girly who was in the bathroom from 3pm till 10pm.. poor thing. Bet she lost a few kilos.
It was a lovely night filled with interesting people, one guy kept touching my arms saying how smooth they were, abit creepy.
but then, touch all you want darlings just pour me another vodka.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Have a look at MIU MIU new campaign, musings of MiuMiu prada and lots of strange photos of Kim bassinger.

And PRADA for their short film by Ridley scott whos daughter (????) is the muse and model.

It's becoming more than the thinking persons couture.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

This scottish guy thing seems to have opened up a box of emotions which i never thought i would find myself experiencing.
He did say he wasn't after anything serious...friendship/fun casual-lifestyle appropriate relationship.
So i thought, well why not, everyone else is doing it and maybe the clinical dispensing of relationship catagories have been the reason why i've been single for 2 fucken years.
Single as in having relationship for more than three months. By that time you ought to have sussed each others embarrassing habits and organised some sort of schedual together in a gorgeous louis vuitton goat skin diary.
So i thought i could be ruthless, plutonic, non-emotive in my friendship and physical interaction but for some weird reason i can't treat another human being as an object for sex and 'friendship'.
They have to be exclusive.
Although i had a giggle at my 'sexual encounter' with the scotsman i actually felt very empty inside because i didn't feel anything for him when we had sex or even when we kissed. It seemed like we were in some movie sequence where both actors are nervous and put on their acting faces, part themselves part another.
I realised i can't do 'casual-relationships' where you actually talk to them and share laughs and care about them then have sex with them without having any emotive attachment or scruples.
It's not a question of what is wrong or right but what the individual values and respecting that fact.
I'm better off single and not puting out any emotions.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

I know it hasn't been that long since the last post but i'm feeling abit charitable.

The week has been abit of a blur with that date on wednesday with a scottish guy who i met again on saturday night after work for dinner and drinks.
One thing that did annoy me was the fact he wore flip-flops after 4pm which he had to change for later because you cannot go into a bar with open toe shoes (so they say). I forgave his faux-pas purely on the fact he is scottish.
So dinner was nice, thai, then drinks at newtown hotel. The place was busy with an ecclectic mix of patrons. One would like to express bohemian and hippie chic but honestly it was... over 40s drug-dried couples and fattys and arty-angsty-gay types.
The ripped vinyl sofa is not vintage.
So we slid down onto the back area next to this art student boy who was sketching squiggly shit with a biro and his folio bag strewn on the floor.
Now as you know, i'm one for art and it's postering, infact i once called myself an artist and still do so at certain occasions however you do not take your folio to a pub on a saturday night sit in a corner and squiggle highschool-pentip drawings!!!!

Get out of my way!!!!

We bitched and giggled, the drag act on stage....

date- he's only miming

me- it's a drag act, they mime.

date- that's so boring, in glasgow they sing

me- well welcome to oz, that toto don't sing!!

My mobile phone kept slipping out and i knocked a fat girls glass of wine, hey!! she was in my way .
Can't stand fat girls who wear rice-paper thin tops hanging round gay pubs complaining they can't find a decent man in sydney.

They ought to be persecuted by an army of Karl largerfelds !!!!

Anyway, so the evening was down the hatch a couple of beers , poor boy had to work 6am in the morning and tim and andrew were beeping me to go over at 11:30 for yet more drinks. i was pissed at 11pm and had to make a swift move back to his place if i was to get any action.
Hell i didn't spend all of my saturday evening without even a shag God damn it.

So... with jazz music on .. and getting close on the squishy sofa we got into it.
In the midst of kissing, biting, scratching and being 'oh so savage' i got to the part where i take off his underpants.
Clean white calvins....nice... rather large folded bulge... keep it coming... and then when i slid his underpants off there was
a piece of folded tissue stuck to his left testical.


I'm trying not to laugh or look or make a big deal of it.. so i take my underpants off and climb ontop of him and with one flick of the wrist (one of many that night) the tissue came off so proceeded the act of coitus etc.
He was big in a wide way and seemed quite adept at using his mouth and tongue in the right places. All in all it went well except he couldn't hold it for too long, as you know i prefer to have sex for atleast 2hrs, he just couldn't wait and expelled his semen.
It ended right on 11:30 !!! i was just warming up.
He cuddled me and was all.. i don't know.. u know.. he had this weird look in his eyes.. like his eyes were glazed with blackberry sauce..i don't know. He put on this weird happy/love song stuff on .
I couldn't help wonder why he had a tissue in his underpants.
Maybe i'm just shallow and lack any sensitive emotional stuff or that i'm just a first rate bitch.

The latter in Prada shades
So went over to andrews, met up with an assortment of strange people drank some more and somehow did latteria today but with big sunglasses and saying very little.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Pointilise update.

- Spent way too much money on a pair of sunglasses.

- Had delicious pesto omlette tomato rocket sandwich.

- Drank 4 beers without smoking or collapsing.

- Controlled my alcohol intake.

- Turned down booty-call from something quite delicious in the middle of fresh mint tea.

- Got hard whilst kissing a scottish guy but remained a gentleman and not proceed with lingering fellatio or rapid coitus.

- Trying to come up with an outfit to wear to daddys hospital admission day and what to wear visiting and when he leaves.

- Will buy something japanese at 'Tokyo city'

- Seriously considering buying a decent book (more than say 100 pages) and making time to read it.

- Seriously considering cooking food and making time to find a cookbook.

- Seriously considering being serious.

- Remember to moisterise feet because you never know.

Friday, March 03, 2006

My daddy has to go to hospital next week to have his prostate reduced, or something like that. So today we went out to this tiny hospital in strathfield.

me- can't you do the operation closer to where we live?
doctor- " work at that hospital
me- you know i've never been that far west
doctor- i'm sure you will be fine, you can catch a taxi there..
dad - can my son visit me?
doctor - yes
me - all the way out in strathfield???

and the room fell silent.

Anyway, we decided to go a week early to fill in the paper work etc so when he does go in, it'll be easier.
So after running up and down several train platforms (what a stupid , stupid idea to do the train system, i don't know what got over me)

"does this train go to strathfield? it says on the map thing.. why doesn't it go there, where the hell does it go? oh it goes past strathfield!!!"

sometimes i just wonder.

We got there, the nurse clicks on the computer.." your records have been transfered over, just give us a call the day before to confirm admission time"

Mum- "we've ordered a private room, we don't do sharing"

It's amazing what that woman gets away with i swear!

All the way out there and it took only 5minutes for it to be over.

On the way out dad asks the valet if he can park his car for 3 days inside the carpark.
He says sure and i'm going..but dad you will still be tired from the anesthetic
dad- it means i will drive slower.

On the way back a little chinese girl was climbing down the stairs in the train with her mother, she must have missed a step and fell on the landing (3 steps) and made this muffled thud sound, the kid gets up looks confused and i burst out laughing.
i couldn't stop giggling all the way home.

i dunno.. sometimes.. i really dunno.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

i left work early today out of abject boredom plus an unsettling head ache from inhaling bleach whilst mopping the floors.

Yes, unglamourous side to my work is..mopping floors and vacuuming dead cockroachs off the carpet.
I had no clients today so it was chores which no one ever does except me because i can't stand mess and untidiness.

So i did all that but still had hours to spare, even purchased 'HELLO' magazine and spent some time flipping through the celebrity photos. Called some clients who never booked but had initial consultation, all of them said no, obviously but we just go through the motions .....

I was so bored , irritated and bored again.

So with a rabbit casarole from next door (elizabeth made it just for moi!) and a copy of 'HELLO' magazine i head home an hour early. I've done all i can and frankly i don't give a rats arse.

Saturday looks busy however so i guess that compensates.

by the way, i can't believe i tossed $130. into the wind today.

phone card $30, vitamin e oil and blotting tissues $15.90, cigarillos $45, HELLO! magazine $6.95, three books at kinokuniya$12 (they were small books), gorgeous tuna cakes and ceasar salad, peppermint tea $23 ..and i wasn't actually buying anything special.

This is ridiculous and must stop.