Wednesday, August 31, 2005


...parramattaguy...: hi
...parramattaguy...: can iask u something
...parramattaguy...: would u have sex with an
older guy for $
...parramattaguy...: Im 43gwm
eucharist: thanx for the offer but i dont think i can claim u on tax
...parramattaguy...: ok
...parramattaguy...: well have fun
...parramattaguy...: bye

i swear, my blog has decending into a cesspool of mind-cramps.

So sorry for the content these days.

i was sick with flu the past week although that should actually enhance my creativity but i've been slacking.

need to get back to my art... want to move more into de-visualising objects and scenes.... trying to figure out some decent weekend outfits haha.
saw palindromes last sunday, exceptionally funny.

Friday, August 26, 2005


i've become obsessed with littleappledolls
and have begun collecting them.
Went out for late lunch with amy today..found out julie is pregnant and has moved on from her job at the salon and amy has quit. She's starting up her own business with her husband so it was good we could catch up.
So many changes to things i thought solid.. the girls at that beauty salon were pretty tight-knit so it's a pity they went their own ways i guess.
Change change change...

I've started sketing out ideas for painting again.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


I can't get rid of this huge picture, nvm.
It's been quite busy at work, the usual thing, a few more decent consultations lately, i had the head of nursing in on saturday. So he's my client now and a lawyer and some other important people i suppose.
Getting fatter so i'm trying to keep that under control, don't want to end up too late and having to starve myself . You can never be too thin or too rich someone said.

Sent dad off to canada on thursday, why is it people look so happy at airports 7am??? i was not in the mood. And alot of the duty free items are actually more expensive there.

Bumped into fergus on saturday morning of all things, he's back from his china study/tour found out amy got married and seemed non-petrubed but had a chat with amy on friday night and apparently he wasn't happy about the news so we're going to meet up on thursday so she can fill me on the details.

Oh and i'm so into the pre-rephalite period of art now, haven't been painting much though and now with moire back from austria who knows when i'll have time.

Friday, August 19, 2005


i can blog from my osx widget, yay.

hmm..another useless toy i guess.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Oh God there are so many useless blogs out there.. then there are the spam-blogs.
It's not easy finding something decent to review these days. Whateve rhappened to sites like KTHXBY???
Anyway, the search continues.

Friday, August 12, 2005

To think there are people out there being buleminc when nausea is a most unpleasant physical expression.
Get a stomach-tie and get over it.

Am feeling out of sorts, had a huge slice of some cream cake and then a bag of tasty jacks chips, why? cos i can, cos i’m thin and gorgeous and they’re dispousing to end world poverty. Since i’m living in this world (ass-end no less) i too must end my own poverty.
Crank up the itunes and i’ve got a benefit.

So, what have i been upto?

finally bought a monitor, all 19inches of it and i’m feeling quite the man, i can even spin the screen round 180 degrees.
Smack me with some halibut and call me a fishermans friend.

Went out to auburn today.
It’s a place where people know very little of and those who live there know even less.
Had a peculiar lunch of excessive oriental meat at a chinese fastfood place where the waitress looks like she’s just come out a chinese flood and the owner chopping oriental meats picks her nose and scoops up the meat-to-dinner-plate in one go.
I was impressed.

Auburn is a place crying out for some criminal activity to give it some edgy publicity.
I’d rather be raped by dental instruments than go back there , ever.

Boredom is so not done.

I have alot of surface space and i’m feeling abit peturbed.


Normally my desks (yes i have 2 for no real reason) are filled with objects that were once inside drawers and drawers ever so minimalist.


But now after my down sizing, i have .. space, too much space it’s just not working. I actually thought about buying a vase and puting flowers in my room.
Mea culpa mea culpa mea maxima culpa.

If God could give me some interior design advice, a sign?
Be cool if i had some religious thing happen in my room, like an apperition so all these people would come and pray and be healed.
I’d sell plastic flowers and little cups of herbal tea and dispense free fashion advice. Just because you’re religious doesn;t mean you can’t be chic.

Be chic for jesus, cos when the saints go marchin’ in you’d wish you were wearing Vivian Westwood and a gorgeous pair of riding boots from Hermes.

God don’t like ugliness.


er.... i don't know how to explain this one.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I'm working in the city for a few weeks , it's great during lunch because i can go upto the Q.V.B and have lunch at a fancy cafe and eat chicken and advocado sandwich with the crusts cut off.

I'm getting fat.

I bought a it's so cute and small.

I've heard of a new store that sells hard-to-get japanese toys.

I hope it's not too expensive cos i want to the blow-up pineapple with the sleepy face.

i have to clean my room and do something with a crackle-glazed noodle bowl which came from a bodyshop gift pack .

Chatted to client about men and how welsh men are beefy but flacid (look that up in the dictionary kiddies) and australian men are macho and act assertive but when push comes to shove, they're weak willed., itallian men are great in bed but not much else, sleeping with an ex needs serious consideration and peanut m&ms are no substitute for sex but come very close.
We agreed men are bastards and ought to be treated like hair conditioner, leave-in for 5-10minutes then rinse clear.