Sunday, July 31, 2005

Finally finished australian fashion review got the first post up.
Why i am doing this when all i could be doing is shopping or sleeping or rubbing body butter on my body, who knows.

I think i'm going to sleep in tomorrow and just do nothing till work at 4ish.


Friday, July 29, 2005

I'm blogging more on here than working on more articles. I manage to find two interesting blogs so far for the mid-august edition .. people either write shit about global events (yes, i can read news sites if i want the news) or hide works of perpetual fluidity away from public eye (note-boxen). Most fustrating.

Here's one of my recent zine-finds at Kino. PRIVATE. Absolute in beautiful monochrome photography with a direct message.

Abstraction's in the motion not in the mind.

Oh... that's very Dada..i'm getting Dada darlings.

So... work today... got interesting towards the end of the day... bought cakes.


Oh.. and i'm so in-love with Pete murray's voice. It's a teary-Kurt cobain sound.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Oh, i just realise i can emigrate my blog to this one meaning all my blogs can have one sign-in.
silly billy me.
Anyway, it's been quite hectic lately with trying to find some intersting blogs to review, i've only found 1 this week!!
Alot of common themes running through blogsites not that is anything wrong or less-than just that the review is about how one blogs/writes than what. If you're good, you can make washing the dishes an extra-sensory experience.
And i have another review site i'm working on, that being more attuned to the subject, i still struggle with coming up with an interesting article.
More work and chocolate peanut marshmellow to keep me on my toes oh and i bought a new imac mini just for the hell of it. They're giving wireless and blue tooth and... ram upgrade free so... i bit the bullet and ordered.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

There will be a new site hopefully soon but in the meantime i'll be over at international weblog review