Monday, May 29, 2006

Sunday was so much fun at Lyns 56th birthday party. The woman looks 30 and considering all the plastic surgery she had, it's worth it! Nevermind the continuous smile and inability to frown.
We drank and drank and admired the view, her apartment is right on Rushcuttersbay, right on the water or as they say "Elizabeth bay, loop!!!"
Manage to catch up with tiffany and paul, the karate champion from chile... so exotic! and ate gorgeous tibetan food made by tenzin, amys husband and yes we both got elegantly smashed on black laquered empire chairs. At the end of the night lyn was dancing round on the velvet heartshaped sofa to Dusty springfield and amy was moving my arms like a puppet on a string (sorry Lulu) .
Amy kept going on about ice cream so we all bundled into the car, yes all of us.. 6 or more and headed to chinatown to Y2K icecream/pancakes which had the most abrupt service ever! so funny!
"CAN I NOW HAVE THE MENUS BACK!" the waitress demanded..!! hahaha... ohh and Yuiee's 20-ish white boyfriend.. who looked rather.. odd.. in cream cable knit.. kept calling me 'brother', 'yo, brother' ' right on' and asked if i went back to japan often and i said 2 years ago.. he'd never been so i explained "they speak english there, you wont have a problem getting round" .
Everyone in the car knew i'm not japanese..

mmm seaseme ice cream is very, very nice.

Friday, May 26, 2006

I'm Joan Crawford so FUCK OFF!!

I took lunch at Forbed and burton after having my hair cut by Yuji who gives one of the best head massages, i nearly fell asleep with my head tilted on the wash-basin.

I saw some rather lovely crystals , big, but i felt not quite powerful enough. A gorgeous quartz crystal necklace, beautiful. But then i got crystals already and i don't care what people say, they do give off an energy .

I had my psychic connection on thursday which was interesting. Apparently my aura is purple with gold around my head. Instantly i thought Elizabeth taylor! but then realised she's still alive.
Anyway i enjoyed my lunch at the Queen Vic. building, smoked chicken sandwiches on skewers and handmade gyoza before work in the city on thursday. Yes i'm working in the city on thursdays, can you imagine the havoc i will create, marching up the marble staircase in my heels and terrorising the perfume-boys at Myer.
"so what are the notes of this fragrance? "
"would you like a sample of our...." **with a wave of the hand and walking right past**

At Forbes and burton I had a wonderful handmade penne-twist pasta with pancetta and viniger-celery with a gin and tonic double in tall glass please!

I think tara forgot to use the mesuring cup and counted instead.

I was basically legless when i got home and nearly stepped on the neighbours cat sleeping on our drive way.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The temptation was to do a post mortem on my life thus far but i have refrained
These 12months have been quite good to me, can't complain despite the losses i have come to acknowlege and own my blessings and this is all i need to know at the end of the day.

I met up with brian today the gay irish beauty therapist. I don't know about you but i have rarely associated myself with effiminate men, this was abit of a departure.
I was a minor under-whelmed but then, lets not be too demanding and just appreciate what is infront of you.
If egg-shell is an approachable white then he was 10 shades out of contrast.

Work was ok, C. got new trash mags so we sat round reading through those. I finished the bette davis biog. and now will start on mommie dearest, joan crawford then 'i am a cat' by soseki natsume

And my folio has been accepted by Private magazine

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Birthday Boy

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thursday 18/5/06

I'm thinking about a detox.

Had Long lunch with Amy at Wall cafe.

We discussed about aging and skin-health over coffee and drinks, diamond-dust dermabrasion (it's good for any age), gem stone therapy where u align sapphires, diamonds, rubies and emeralds to the chakras of the body, with a hand and foot massage.

She lost her cartier wedding ring whilst doing a body scrub.

I was in mild shock and needed a smoke.

We stopped by darlo-bar for drinks.. i had a lemonade, no, really.

I'm going to see a psychic next week, if you have any interesting questions i should ask, please feel free.

Friday, May 12, 2006

I'm so pishd i hope i can survive the weekend.
A routine long-lunch was unfolding till i invite amarni boy along to which words of "i got no money, so a coffee will do" echoed about, i overcourse heard no such thing and proceeded to have a few drinks over a very long lunch which included desert.

Then we went all over darlinghurst and paddington looking at clothes whilst doing a few pit stops along the way. A strange pub/bar with red velour and ad-hock sleaziness, if only they removed 'free drinks during footy' signs it would have had some character. It was just another pub.
Then down to Lounge for another 3 gin and tonics, i don't know.. i think i had 10 in all, 4 to start at forbes burton... Amy joined us and we hammed it up with our legendary fables, i was severely smashed because we only had G and T's with bombay sapphire! arghsdjsldj... i called deb but she wouldn't make it up our end till uber-late so i had to go.. i said darlings we have to go, tomorrow is a work day...for all of us!

i'm still pishd although slowly coming to.... oh and i have two big dinners to get through sturday and sunday.

Sunday 14/5/06

Half way there, Yesterday was a shocker. I arrive at work all fine and dandy , work all day because we're all booked then go home have snack then dinner with mum but when i got there i had to run to the city clinic at 12:30.
So on the bus with a huge red environ-friendly " i love to shop at gladesville shopping village" bag filled with needles and surface spray.
And ofcourse the bus decides to go the long way and stop at every fuckin stop.
I eventually get there whilst running through QVB, Central plaza shopping halls.
I must have looked the crazed-weirdo-in-the-grey-jumper. So i get there and the client is waiting this short haired woman with manbeared. Oh great, 3hrs 2 machines and i know what's going to happen.
Managed to get a 20minute lunch break, screeched over to sushi-take-away "tuna, cooked"
"tuna? we have fresh"
"no, i want the cooked tinned one"
"no we have fresh only"
i mean.. it was silly so i pointed to one with an omlette wrapped in it.
I don't mind the city clinic but it's so small and cramped.
Anyway eventually it was over and i raced home got changed and tumbled into forbes and burton for dinner.
After a large gin and tonic we settled down to some very good, no.. exceptional quality food. Wow
i had the roast duck walnut salad with apples followed by roast pork belly (crackling included darling) on a bed of buttered lentils and cabbage.
It was morish i couldn't fit desert but oh.. the food! flavours clear and well balanced, effecient service, cute boys though abit dark to make it clear.. but effeciant service.
The food! my God.. if i wasn't so satanic i'd be bulemic.
I love , love, love the food at forbes and burton. Cost me an arm and two legs but it's worth it.
No, i'm worth it , god damn it.

But part of me is still trying to find a cheap, good quality place to eat. Now that's a challenge.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Work, domestics and a little drink.

Today i have to go into the city for work at 6pm, can u believe it, how ridiculous.
So to fill in the time i'll go to dendy and watch a movie , then dinner somewhere in the city, why doesn't Versace do food?
then work till 8pm and struggle home at peak hour in the freezing winters night.
I will definetly have to do forbes and burton with a double Gin and tonic tomorrow.

Andrews in tokyo and he bought me some new clothes, i gave him a budget of a thousand and he only managed to get me two shirts!!

Thursday 11/5/06

I watched Hidden today before heading into the city for 2hrs of work. It was an interesting movie about hidden camera video, hidden lives, hidden past and hidden social mistreatment.
But i found it too subtle for it's message, the insinuation of algerian community vs white french, racial malade, bitterness and fear. However it was nice to get back into dendy films.
Settled down at yama perched ontop of QVB, i quite like that place becasue it so well lit and you get huge servings. It's cafe japanese, not authentic and frankly if you want authentic then eat it in Japan.

Work was, well.. you know.
I had one of my regulars who is now going to the city because it was more convenient for him, oh well, so it wa snice to catch up and the progress is wonderful. And for some strange reason i've become involved in some scandal happening at work even though it has nothing to do with me so hopefully i've extricate dmyself with that.
I have no time to get anymore involved in petty, immature back stabbing.

i'm going to have a long lunch tomorrow.

Friday, May 05, 2006

If i was a woman, would you come inside me?

The thought kept pushing through my consciousness all day as i puffed away at wall cafe. There was a posse of emo kids, from what i overheard, overtly excited at this "cool find" so i circumcised a macanudo and blew it up.
coughs, tears and an asthma puffer jumped out of the kiddies black vinyl messenger bags
"fuck!! gotta move"
"no, no! it's the coolest spot"
"fuck!!! i can't breathe"

ROFL.. so i turned away thinking it would negate the fruity plumes away but the wind changed and blew back , right into their faces.

"can you move, your cigerette smoke is bad"

I took a deep draw contemplating creating a scene (i had just read a chapter of bette davis biog) i even contemplated moving but then i couldn't be bothered, it is public space so i turned to this gaggling of emo kids and said out loud (wasn't suppose to be, but it suddenly went quiet)
"i'm sorry"
puting on my pixie face
"but no".
And started to puff twice as hard releasing twice as much smoke, they ran inside.

Afterwards the dear bald headed owner who seems to give me strange-smily glances giggled as i apologized and thanked them for being so nice and not making a fuss
"thank you (with a wave of the hand) for being so fabulous. this is the most brilliant cafe. we need more cafes like this in sydney"

I don't know what came over me, i think bette davis has possessed me.

I love my old teal corderoy pants, they go so well with flat shoes, i never knew until today. Infact i realise how fortunatel i am, how lifes little revolutions put me in enviable positions and i, have taken it for granted. To be able to acknowlege this is in itself another circle within a circle.
These corderoy pants i bought 5 years ago and put away for they were too 'dowdy' but now seem perfect. It was meant to be, like most things in life, it was all meant to be.

i want to adopt a black baby and call him Adolf. and a chinese girl and call her Eva take them to Wall cafe and eat smoke salmon salad in my Hussien chalayan pants.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I'm dying my hair at the moment to a subtle brownish tinge.
It's been a hectic few days at work, i had one woman last night who looked as if she was about to give birth to her ovaries, rolling about, squirming in tears and letting out a squeal now and again. I just ignored her and continued my work till her hour was up.
I mean really.

And then there's the armani boy who is quite young (24), cute but too flakey . Even if it's going to be a bedder, they have to have some sort of integrity. But then young people are young.. so i just had to say "that's nice babe, i'll give u a call when i'm free" . Anyway i think i've had enough slutting around, there have been many more that i haven't blogged because they were more , routine, run of the mill.
After a while most cocks taste the same.
I've decided to be celibate for a while, having said that it may not be too long but i'll try and establish some sort of connection before hand, it had gotten to the point where words were dispensed before the pants.
It got abit empty.
Anyway, this week i do want to get into the bette davis biography, book table for mothers day (most probably Forbes and burton) and work out abit more.. more cardio.. but then the more i work out the more...aroused i become.
You can never win.

Thursday 4/may/o6

I think i'm bored again.
Had lunch at Forbes&burton, drank myself silly on gin and tonics with an interesting pasta dish. Anchovies and basil swirled into homemade pasta with a fistful of lemon juice, quite startling except for the bits of toasty crust sprinkled ontop. I guess they were trying to give the dish more texture but it wasn't necessary.
They have an interesting mix of customers, eastern suburbs matrons with a sprinkling of suit and tie set not low-key-cool as wall-cafe, not voltage-glam as the potts point crowd (pretentious is the word). It's a strange mix hovering over a question mark.
But atleast they serve good alcohol, i nearly died drinking a sauvaigon blanc at La bouvettes (whatever the shit is called) potts point with the amarni boy. It felt like it had been relieved out of a bladder.
I must remind myself to not date boys younger than me, the emptiness that comes out their new-thought patterns. Another boy i wanted to strangle.
Andrew pointed out when i was having lunch with him and joshua that i "looked like you wanted to murder him".
Young boys look nice but lack social skills and a level of intelligence which not to their fault can only come from time.

a.boy - " i love this new music, kind of machine sounds with rock sound"

me- "hmm industrial music, alternative goth"

a.boy- " and i love culture club and that whole 80's scene, would have been great to have lived through that, how was it?"

me- "yeah, it was great. thanks.

I might head to wall tomorrow and sit round and read and smoke and piss people off.

oh if i remember buy sake from this mysterious liquor store in chinatown amy was trying in vain to describe to me.