Saturday, September 29, 2007

I felt very sad this week for no apparent reason, an emptiness only a stone could hear.
So i went out and bought Joni mitchell cd and painted my days blue.

"I'm gonna blow this damn candle out
I don't want Nobody comin' over to my table
I got nothing to talk to anybody about
All good dreamers pass this way some day
Hidin' behind bottles in dark cafes"

Monday, September 24, 2007

To think work could get any more hectic it has exploded with rigour.
I don't remember how many hairy-lipped women i've jabbed with needles but darling it funds my lifestyle.
I bought some gorgeous home furnishings and a stainless steel lamp in the shape of a teardrop and a sterling silver baby-bucket to put my pens and pencils in not that i write to anyone.
I managed to watch 'notes on a scandal' with Cate blanchett fucking and blowing a 15yr olds school boy and monica bellucci showing her mango-boobs again in some french movie where she's a whore and i watched 'the brown bunny' where chloe sevigny gives an actual blow job, is she ever not?
And tonight i had mr mono-brow who after an hour he is in so much pain he walks round dazed and confused.
"You don't care, do you?" one client exasperated
"oh, i do, i care alot" i answered as i insert another needle inbetween her thigh and bikini line
"you know you must get rid of this, it's not the most inviting sign"

I adore organic apples even when they're 15 dollars a kilo.

I adore leather white sneakers.

I adore white bed linen, i have it and i'm sleeping in a snow storm.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007

up and down like an elevator, time has shatted through my cotton underpants darlings.
I had half a day off this week. I was having my hair did , cut, colour and abit of a blow, i got Yuji to put some red foils in because i've given up on dying my own, since it's so fantastic to have my hair done at Revo that i go fortnightly just for the head massages. So whilst drifting into fingering bliss my head sliding into the wash basin i get a call from work because miss dumber can't work due to a slit hand. Yes, she cut her hand whilst slicing a tomato, easy thing to do, tomatoes can be quite tricky to, slice but ofcourse we've decided she has cut herself and missed thus slicing the tendon between thumb and index finger.
It's a cry for help , i often stare at my hands and think about slicing it but then the thought of all that elizabeth arden 8 hour cream that's gone onto it, i think not. I adore my new beauty product, Elizabeth Arden Ceramide body cream.

When i decided to purchase a blanket to keep myself warm whilst i drift in and out of consciousness during an evening dvd i popped into Laura Ashley for a gorgeous 'sun-ripen Aubergine' morhair throw.
I'm suppose to throw this on a sofa? well i've been throwing it on myself during these cold lonely winter nights and i'm instantly satisfied. Who needs love when you have a Laura ashley Mohair throw.

oh and did i mention my pair of snake-skin heels have been spray painted, gold.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Today was the A.P.E.C holiday we had to have so i invited Gav and john over for a house warming(?) but really it was just 3 gay guys sitting round with clothes on. Amy was to join us later.
Gav gave me a wonderful set of coasters which was made of wood and you know how much i love wood. john gave me a bottle of wine.
So after a drink and some sushi we trundled off to the park to cruise for some hot guys, erm.. not quite, there were some trees and upturned boats and the river and yer, we saw the spot we were suppose to have a picnic but because it was raining on and off all week we didn't. Then it proceeded to rain and poor gav got wet, hmm wetness...
I thought why not go out and get some cakes and have coffee , get the boys out in the fresh air. SO we did just that returning back to the flat with pastries and gavs meat pie and proceeded to open the door only to be confronted with the fact i forgot to take the keys.
Yes i locked myself (and the boys) out.
Thus the day ended with us eating afternoon tea outside on the gutter and me informing Amy not to come over at 7 because basically no one will be there. My flatmate had gone down to her mothers place in the mountains for the day.
Lucky for me, Gav gave me a lift to my parents place down south so i could watch some porn on the internet till later in the evening when i managed to get back after flatmate came home.
Horray for today i just had glass of vodka, double.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I have alot to tell you but my mind is still abit fuzzy after working for the past 5 days with the flu. I don't know why i bother but i do, not like i'm going to get any prizes. My flatmate is sick too but she seems to have gotten the more colourful version with gastric spasms everytime she eats "but atleast you've lost some weight this time" i quipped.
Tomorrows my day off and i want to do so many things like buy white bedsheets and luxurious blankets, i saw one that has a wolf-fur print on it but minky soft, i don't think wolves fur is fluffy but anyway i need some gorgeous blankety things.
Then the latest ikea catalogue arrived and i'm engrossed.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Tribute to Cat power and those bangs which have become the haircut of the moment.
And it is true, she has signed with Chanel but it's only for the jewellery.
She also performed at the '07 couture

if you watch the interview largerfeld you will see why Cat was chosen to be his muse-de mode, but does chanel come from indie roots? is it angry and haughty and verge-of-a-nervous-breakdown? Will it still look good from a chipped teacup?
All i know is that, seasons change.....

"Listen to me, don’t walk that street
There’s always an end to it"