Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thursday, February 07, 2008

I have Yoko ono's "ONO BOX" on rotation and it's making me feel things.

Had a quick jaunt to the city, books books, one on Serbian identity and another on crude medical experiments, for example cataracts removal without anesthetic.
A million laughs.
Some thoughts, why do those little african kids advertising for world vision wave round huge enamel mugs?????? i thought it was drought ravaged??? did they drink all the water with those huge mugs???? i do wonder.
And sometimes i can't help but notice the jumpers they wear in 40c heat, is it pumpkinpatch or baby gap? i swear they sell those for $50 each at the stores and why pull-overs?
In one ad. i thought the boy had a walkman on his head, turns out to be some rope with sticks bundled to it, pet, why are you carrying it on your head?????
Where do these poor kids in a nation of nothing, everything dehydrated to a tiny box of sultanas find a tyre rim to roll round?? please explain that one!!!

The third world needs a stylist.

I'd start with a more fitted silhouette, why not, they have the bone structure and deep red lipstick for the girls in fabulous cutout bikinis, perfect day-wear whilst planting crops from oxfam donations and it can be worn under some gorgeous cashmere blankets they can drape over themselves in cold evenings.
Those men, well just gorgeous toight, i mean toight! boxer briefs and uber slender jeans from Dior homme topped with very-white hessian (can we pronounce that with 'ssss' please) shirts unbuttoned.

That's enough i'm getting wet with thoughts.