Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's been very busy with keeping everything under control, work, friends, shopping etc. I figured if i can maintain my ass in the correct position eventually it'll hit the spot.
Sebastian suggested i get red nano, the one where you become charitable by exercising your first-world values of consumerism. I thought maybe it would be a pleasant notion , i ventured into oxfam shop again where they have that retarded girl with a voice box on 'outdoor' mode so you can hear her vibrating her vowels at the end of George street. Did i care? Not really. I go into that shop from time to time, is my search to pacify consumerist guilt however i often end up rolling my eyes at poorly manufactured handicrafts, it's a doll? Really, looks more like a deadrat wrapped in a teatowel.
I fear i will not cope in these recessionary times.
Back to sebastian, i thought the yellow ipod would brighten up my monochromic lifestyle and then i realised the ipod classic is great value be it a bit bulkier which made the hyperactive salesboy confused, "did you want the nano or the classic?"
"I don't know, which one is more value?" I asked and he said "one was bigger and one was smaller but the classic doesn't donate to the RED org." And i Asked "is bono still involved?" and he replied, "i'm not sure" and i responded "me too" and we left it at that.