Tuesday, October 31, 2006


This sunday i spent on boat frollicing along the harbour waves at sunset. The view was quite spectacular, the boat was abit old , the crowd, older however all i wanted to do was switch off , have a drink and smoke.
My boss came up with a fundraiser for some children in brazil, to build a house and give bicycles to the kiddies at christmas.
If it wasn't for all the loopy old people desperate for someone to listen to their sob-stories it almost was perfect. But then should have expected anything more?
Vodka was cheap though so i had 4hours worth, yes the whole cruise was for 4hrs .
Anyway i'm glad that was over, any notion of romance disapated when i viewed the merchandise waiting on the warf.
I'd rather drink a bowl of diarreoh than entertain anything romantic with any of those geriatrics.
One interesting thing did happen, a small scottish terrier humped a womans leg on board. She had to go outside to get some fresh air.

I stayed on the upper deck where the view was 360 and u can smoke.

I don't know, may be i am getting old, more of reality than some glib line. I just want to sit down now rather than jump round in a club, i just want to slow time down for a bit rather trying to fastforwarding the years away with new experiences. Everything is a new experience, experiences witihn experiences so there is no need to chase rainbows just more luxurious purchases.

Friday, October 27, 2006

"So what did you do on sunday?"
I was perplexed, i must have done something, oh that's right, after rumaging through my bag and diary, i er, did nothing.
Cataloguing your mp3s is more of a desperation move i think, anyway this week has been busy with work but i did manage to meet up with John be it for 10minutes in the pitt street mall as i was heading down from L.V.
I wanted to get that GROOM coin wallet thing but ended up talking to a very nervous and incomprehensive russian girl . If she had an attitude the russian accent would have gone down quite well, sort of Ivana trump meets an embryo but she was all over the place and left me standing for 20minutes as she went through all the dust covers. She couldn't find it.
"Oh, they've sold out... hello there!" david chorused as he waltzed round the counter. How anyone could waltz round a counter at 8:30pm is beyond me but he had the answers and the russian girl broke out in a sweat and i looked very let down.
So i was put on a reservation list before i could protest, hesitate, intiate the deep-lux-no-logo mantra. A reservation list for a coin purse.
What has the world come to.
Talking about the world in general, you may have realised i rarely write about social and current affairs . I don't do so because there is plenty of media-whores who write opinion as fact and i don't need to repeat histories pages.
I don't watch television and the only information i get is 2minutes news radio update once in a while. I think it's best to detach yourself from the media .
When you delve deeper in why certain news items get the angle and coverage they get you realise that, it's very unfair and dictated and edited by people who have an interest in how the news item is directed.
You see, there is no free speech despite what many believe .
Media is a business and any story/news item is governed by the red-pen that is, money.
You wont get any adverse reportage on a major advertiser.
Even the free-speech we believe we practise in our own lives is but, edited and controlled by what society deems acceptable and what ones social circle deems acceptable. For example, i don't swear infront of my parents.
I choose not to out of respect for them but this descision is in itself contrary to freedom of speech.
The freedom to surpress speech is not the same as freedom of speech as one is done before speech is expressed the latter has no pre-thought.
True freedom of speech is not pre-judged nor post judged , it is in a sense the stream of consciousness.
Another example is if i was alone with that boxer in the above photo i wouldn't have any self editorial processors and just sexually abuse him with a quilted lambs-skin Chanel handbag and my tongue.
Met up with gorgeous Gav who seems to pack as much as possible in his free time.
He took me to this strange korean place behind some shops in an area i tend not to frequent. It was kind of dangerous and fun a the same time. I loved how none of the staff there could speak english and the interior seemed like you were swallowed by a mint-slice.
The food was nice.
We wandered up to taylors square. Gaslight was full of emo kids with assymetric haircuts, i felt like hitting someone so we left over to the bently bar which made us feel twice as old than we should be but i got my drink so i was happy for the night.
I needed that drink and meeting gav again, it's been non-stop-work-mode for me all week, the pointless chit-chat (oh i love your hair is a usual thing i say to people who ...well.. have nothing else pleasant about them) it was a relief to speak to someone real for a change.
I should however make the effort in going to the north shore and visit gavs place, the flat with no balcony.
I'm such a lazy arse.
I'm suppose to go out today and meet up with John to give back that dvd and have coffee etc, but i'm feeling lazy, actually i might just paint abit

On gay.com tonight.....

jmells: hey mate
flotiz: geez... u look like ur in the movie...the ring
jmells: hahahah
flotiz: atleast its orignal
flotiz: how u been
jmells: how do u do
jmells: yeah not too bad now after long day
jmells: how about u
jmells: wat do u up to now
flotiz: eh
flotiz: im just typing
flotiz: quiet day off for me.. workin tomorrow
jmells: work in the hotel or s'thing>
flotiz: LOL
flotiz: push trolley at yum cha
jmells: yum cha always yummy
jmells: so u know the best then
jmells: wat would u recommend>
jmells has been added to your persistent ignore

So my options are...hotel worker and the s'thing !!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

You do realise when one cleans and organise ones bedroom it becomes twice as big. I'm so glad i got that out of the way with a week of work just past even my days off had to be organised with Hair re-colour, clean/organise bedroom , refile mp3 into keep or archive. I made a playlist for an mp3 player as you have limited amount of storage and discovered i could put it all onto compact disk anyway, 700megs of space is quite a lot actually. So instead of purchasing a 60gig ipod and dumping all the songs into it only to listen to 40 percent of the music anyway i just burnt the ones i liked to disk and staying with my diskman. I'll play old-school for a while as i'm looking at a Longchamp purchase, soon.
Longchamp has been very quiet until they got Kate moss to do their advertising campaign, that's the power of the woman, one advert. and your product is on everyones lips.
I want quality without the glare, i'm so over bling.
As Bubbles devere once said "why don't take a photo, it'll last longer!"
I'm going to erase all sense of designer-baroque into one slick statement, deep-lux.
Get rid of those logos and palladium-plated hardware, hastily stuck on signage and usher in a new era of haute quality components , "cushioned-pressence".
Black is banned, grey and blue is the new eclipse white is the new step-forward aura.
If i see anyone wearing a " H " buckle Hermes belt i will chase them down and throw dirt at their crotch.
I ate an apple for lunch on friday and walked home the longway, it was the begining of my weight-managment. I had soup (no bread) on saturday and lots and lots of water. Although i did have some english-tea cake and chocolate today hehehehe... i think i'm doing ok. I just want to lose the fat round my stomach and found water if consumed in large amounts does keep u full.
I haven't smoked nor drunk alcohol for 2 weeks now (i think) so maybe this is the new me however the increase in workload may push me over the edge and back into bad habits again.
Muslei is my new snackfood, it's not easy but i'm determined to make belts a neccessary part of my wardrobe again.
Staying focused is my word de-jour.

and slim is in!! God damn it.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

work ,work possibly an ipod nano but realised you can't share mp3 between o/s systems and other peoples, mp3s .
I owned the first generation ipod which was bulky comppared to the ones nowadays but it was quite handy and worked well but went back to the sony diskman. Unfortunately there's no other mp3 players look or have the same ergonmic ease of use. Oh well, maybe a new nano.

One of the wheels on my home gym machine thing broke! either i'm too heavy or i been using it too much. Anyway, i'm trying to cut back on my french cakes, just one pastry on tuesday and stick to salad and fish.
I can't believe my waistline, it just gets wider and wider, i swear it's water! or that ramen thing i ate with Gav! or the seaseme ice cream i ate afterwards hehehe
Anyway, all i been doing this week is watching dvds and shopping for storage management , freedom has gorgeous island-woven basket things.... i believe we ought to bring more organic fibres into the home.

I adore the new Palmers cocoa butter with alpha/beta hydroxy acids. You get the nourishment of the butter without the stickiness plus your skin gets exfoliated whilst you sleep. And it smells very yummy, very lickable! hehehe..like the boy above.. hmmm

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Friday - I had ramen and ice cream with Gav on friday after a day of shopping at Burberry and Louis vuitton and drinks with John.
Had a great time stuffing myself with so much food and it was a sexy 30'c so the city was smelling like sex.
Sort of.

Saturday - Work then dads birthday dinner. We ate hideous amounts of once live crustaceans and tropical fish with mouths gaping and then a coconut and almond milk sweet laced with red beans and sago balls. Ofcourse this resulted in indegestion all night so no sleeping , i watched 'project runway (via dvd from John) till 4am.

Sunday - Stumbled about in the morning back into Burberry to change the shirt . My father is fat.
So we spent an hour or two going through options, poor Nick however i think dads happy with the shirt he got . Next time, i'm just going to give him money.
Then we went round the city, mum got abit excited ar Salvatore ferragamo, had to usher he out before anymore damage could be done! Love the cute Swarovski baby animals, i was able to pick out the ones we ate last night. Anyway so cute.
Had lunch at Queen Vic. a bloody steak sandwich. Soon my waistline will rival my fathers.
Popped into Harnn & Thann for some gorgeous bath products.

I've been in shopping mode (again) lately, i guess that's my vice considering i don't do drugs or revolve round that 'hook-up sex' thing anymore. Kind of found it boring having sex with so many people yet i don't even remember their names. Ended up calling all the boys 'stud' or 'horse' or something mildy flattering.

I've been reading another person blog recently, i wont say who but they have met another blogger and well, it kind of ended in awkwardness . I guess because what we read on here is open to interpretation ofwhich varies greatly. What you see may not be what i see.
But it is great when you come across someone who is as down to earth and honest as this boy it restores some faith in the system.

By the way, why do people get intimidated going into shops like Louis vuitton and Gucci etc???? first of all they are shops that sell things, clothes, leather goods etc etc.. you have the right to go and browse, you are the customer and you pay their wages if you're buying. I'm often puzzled by surprise from friends about me going to those places. Some are too scared to go in, some get defensive about it but really it's insecurity they showing.
It doesn't matter what you wear or how you look, it's all about...attitude.

Walk in there like you own their ass and walk out with your head high.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ms Peachez gets a tattoo.

Work, family, dinner.

I got abit drunk at the family dinner and said something very inappropriate to one of my cousins girlfriend.

ME - "isn't she abit young? has she hit puberty yet?

Cousin - "she's 21"

ME "YER? really? she's got small tits"

And the room fell silent.

Then apprently i tried to quantify my statement by pointing at her...er... breasts, " see they are sooo small"

I;m sure i didn't mean it in a unfriendly-sexual way , just pointing out the facts.

Anyway back to Ms peachez.

Friday, October 06, 2006

"Do I have to change my name?
Will it get me far?
Should I lose some weight?
Am I gonna be a star?"

The man with the ugly shirt was difficult on thursday not that he was being, more so because i was feeling unwell. I haven't really struggled through 3 hrs of needle-poking for a while, once it was at the main clinic which is like home to me so there were plenty of paracetamol , asprin (weeee!) and ibuprofen to keep your mind off it. Had a chat with ms no-poop about her water-phobia. No wonder she doesn't poop.
Tried to chat to L. but you know, it's not easy to illuminate a room with a lamp that has no bulb. And N. waltzed in, confused the hell out of all of us and waltzed back out again.
Anyway i'm so glad that day is over and slept hideous amounts, read a book or two and felt extremely horny.
Strange when i feel at my worst i suddenly feel aroused, i hope it's not some subconscious-repressed-psychosexual disfunction darlings.
Well, more aroused than usual i guess, not that i don't feel it most of the time, not that i'm constantly. I remember one guy i dated who needed to "unload" 6 times a day. Eventhough i was happy to assist 6 times everyday got tedious and really became nothing more than mechanical.
I had to sit down eventually.
I'm contemplating a PDA just as the new Louis vuitton 2007 refills have arrived and those Burberry polos that fit so well as if they used my body as a template. The punk-rock studded belts coming over from London, soon will entwine my waistline.
I thought if i buy a PDA i would have to by a new bag to carry it and do i want carry a bag in summer?
Do i need anything really?
No, i have more than i need. and i can't even argue the notion of 'better' things as i have that too.
I'm pretty lucky for someone who once lived in an orphanage.
Sometimes i think what may have happened to all the others who were there waiting, wondering, wishing, dreaming.
Little faces in a starless sky.
It is at those moments of contemplation, fissues of vunerability that i learn the art of forgetting.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Get intouch with your blaque side.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Where do i begin?
It started with a bottle of vodka and ended with a couple more, sunday...it's only a real sunday when there's a public holiday on the monday. It all makes sense.
Spent several hours trying on clothes for a sunday coffee/brunch because nothing fuckin fits!! i'm fat, all over. fat,fat,fat.. anyway i had to settle for something black and simple because i knew later on in the evening i would be smashed and food will fall on my belly, oh is that a catapiller on your tummy or.. oh, it's a noodle.
So after a few poses and coffees and such i met up with Gav and his delightful friend...raj (??) at darlo-bar for drinks. I don't know about you but i got to remember to ask for stolichnya or skyy or something decent because the shit they serve on the sly is nasty!!
The vodka tonic was so nasty i could have used my arse as a LPG refill center.
Nice to sit round, chat with beautiful boys, the intricases of Gav's straight-to-straight-acting-gayness raj's huge almond eyes and my slurring of words.
After that, i headed over to John's for that party.
Quite alot of people came, not many drank, just me, John and nick so we polished off a bottle of mandarin vodka which is deadly because it tastes so sweet and easy done straight.
We ran out of tonic water.
We also had this weird Lychee liquor which was abit strong, typical chinese alcoholics, make a product that in no way can anyone drink let alone asians with that missing enzyme...sheez.
Beers, wine (there was some wine in there somehwere) and lots of gorgeous food like Johns cold-noodle-salad which i thought was devine considering it was his first attempt. San-chow-bow with plasticy hydro-lettuce leaf. Curry soup (gag), pesto bread (double gag) and a marshmellow cake which could only be described as, pitiful. As if a dislexic budgerigar had pecked it into some confused lump.

Drinks! more drinks!

The evening ended with a few vomiting episodes and John, well, having explosive vomitting, as some of us laid motionless on the sofa we couldn't help but giggle at the sound . As if you let out air from an over-inflated balloon.. that sound .. explosive, dramatic! and then his sneezing fit!
God, how we laughed.

I however was quite stable, stumbled home and woke up at 4am with the most horrible hang-over. I forgot to drink more water.

So now, hung over ... i am thoroughly satisfied in my liver-abuse and poor john feeling fine this morning with a touch of ashen-green palor.