Friday, March 30, 2007

I spent most of the day at the body shop with clueless sales people and Elizabeth arden with a slightly better sales team.
Note to any cosmetics sales people, KNOW WHAT'S IN THE PRODUCT YOU'RE SELLING!!

So after scaring the sales staff i bought a whole heap of exfoliators and face creams with even more mini-products/gift with purchase. I'm planning a pampering and cooking easter break, would love to cook that lentil/rice dish again, it's not that complex and treat my deglected skin and hair, i caught a glimpse in the mirror when miss dumber decided to put make up on my face.

I need intense hydration, moisterisation and exfoliation.

My bag is getting filled with things... books, facial blotting paper, lip balm, chocolates, paracetamol... and i'll add some mini vodkas, weathers getting cooler.

At 5pm on a monday i managed to crash an entire kinkos with an insertion of my bosses usb hub.

We have a woman who pounces into the clinic unanounced asking for how long it takes to do her legs which she goes into some trance and calculates per minute how much it would cost her.

Oh by the way i need a small bag to put inside my big bag, for all those travel sized items.

I don't know, my life is so futile however atleast i still look good.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Since Wednesday.....

- Big bags tend to leave marks on your shoulder.

- Dumb and dumber are on "the laxative" diet they take laxatives (4 per night or as many as possible) however miss dumber keeps getting stomach cramps all day and hasn't pooped for 7days.

- Bought a shard of quartz crystal , my bedroom needs to be cleansed. I've been having weird dreams and waking up at 3am with my computer suddenly turning itself on. I'll try and exorcise my room if it doesn't work i'll have to call my psychic for some channelling and get some messages aswell since i'm there.

- i was cruised by a midget on town hall station

- had a drunk irish guy fall asleep sitting next to me on the train, his head slowly sliding down to my shoulder, i slowly moved away but then he suddenly he fell sideways very quickly and landed on my gucci bag which was on my lap at 8am in the morning. (deep breath)
People stared, i gently edged him off to the side , fortunately the train turned a corner which allowed me to quickly move my knee to the side resulting his head sliding off the guccissima print and landing with a thud onto the floor.
Thank God for miniture tissue packs with cutesy pastel coloured cats prints availible for $4 pack of 6 at asian discount stores (deep breath) managed to wipe his presence off my Gucci bag!
He just laid there at my feet, well my feet were on tip-toe to minimise contact but you know in someways i ought to be honoured to have a man at my feet be it pass-out drunk irishman with yellow smiley t-shirt.
I had my sunglasses on, you cannot expect me to not wear them so early in the morning.

- wearing sunglasses on cloudy days.

- Having Mars Bars or Snickers day

- Singing 'Clocks' by coldplay , very badly.

- Told a client to felch instead of clench when she had issues with keeping her vagina tight

"i can't put the needles in if that area is slack, either i pull it tight or you felch it"

i meant clench, she clenched, i haven't fleched since that time i got corn stuck on my teeth.

- had lunch with John, we browsed Bally which has some cool bags and a leaking roof.

- Saw an old woman run in the city, she wasn't wearing a bra.

- I believe in another luxe purchase soon, i do believe.

- still single.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's waterproof and has metal feet.
Flora (yes that is her name) brought out 20 bags? something like that, i was quite overwhelmed but i only wanted one!
"it's the one with the guccissima bits on the edge" i vaguely describe but i think she just wanted to 'shock and awe' me with choices, i did think about the canvas black, it was only 750 and big however i know the unpleasantness of fabric verses rain. Very disappointing so it was either all leather (too heavy) or the nylon and leather one which is abit bulky, but you know, you can never have enough carry space.

It all fits with room for a block of lean cuisine and small jumper/scarf.
Geez, it's been a while since i had a good spending spree, to think i use to go fortnightly and raid castlereigh street.
Any way , life goes on, i buy for function nowadys the product must be able to handle everyday use, i still have a Gucci kaftan which i've never worn, what on earth do i do with it?

The next item on my list is new digital camera.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

This Gucci bag or This Gucci bag?

I've been watching Twin peaks dvd set , finally i got some time to myself.

I decided not to get a pda especially after getting overwhelmed by the similar models, shapes and functions. And the thought of carrying so damn heavy, i'll probably drop it like the first flip phone by motorola i had years ago with pull-out antenea, it just fell out as i got out of a taxi and down the stormwater drain.
No, i shall jot down events in an unused large autumn-mottled agenda, all i need is the papers to put in.
I will however get a new tote, the Gucci ones are winning so far, Coach has some slightly cheaper.
Totes eventhough may look rather odd but are sooo functional, especially the ones with no zippers, you just pop everything in.
I can have my lean cuisine, magazines, phone, wallet etc and a bottle of evian all in one bag and upright!
One must be prepared working in the city, a fold out louis vuitton map of the freggin world came in handy the other day as a fan whilst trapped on central station.

Little miss sunshine is resigning from work in a few weeks time, this another sad departure from our tight-knit workforce, i mean there's not much left but a bunch or apprentices. I am sad about her leaving so we planned a shopping trip to Gallerias as she wants a dior handbag and i want to play round with some more Anna sui make up.

Ah life, so many twists and turns.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I spent this afternoon with Nick who's going down to melbourne to study and live for a while.
We had a peculiar lunch at a cafe in Hyde park, the sun and trees cast light shadows along the edges of our smiles.
None of the wait-staff could speak english, a japanese girl brought over a bottle of scotch when i wanted scotch and coke, you pay for them seperately! and a delightful spanish waiter who said "sorry i can't take orders, i can't make drinks, i can't do anything" had tight spanish buttocks which was suffice on this perfunctary day.
We talked, ate something i don't remember, had another drink then stumbled over onto the vast amount of wet grass dotted with napping office workers and wide eyed tourists. We laid between trees and the sky so blue etched in plumes of white fairy floss flying by , flying through our confusing lives.
Laying on the grass in hyde park we tried to pause time.
Then we grabbed a taxi and headed to Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Dior, Coach, Fendi and some Dolce gabbana place.
Sat down at circular quay and watched the fat german tourists and fatter seagulls waddle by, elderly couples eating ice cream and those shadows which seemed so far away lurched forward.
Nothing stopped except our credit cards.
We walked back up to townhall, the evening decending in waves of white shirts and black skirts waiting at bus stops and seperated as we had met, effortlessly with a breeze gently moving my hair away from all the chaos behind me.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Edited, extended, remixed.

I can't say it's been an eventful week, work has been slow so we just sat round doing bugger all. Dumb and dumber sang to their favourite tunes on the mediaplayer at work, god help me if i hear another Sarah Mcloughlin song.
Then there was some big meeting which i couldn't go to because someone had to look after dumber,
"oh but you've been to all of them already"
eck...i missed out on what went down because when the drama-queen came back his voice was coarse and his eyes quivering on the edge of overflow. It was funny to see.
The Queen got shook and all the kings horses made porn.
He babbled something about no coffee allowed inside the cubicals and wearing all white and the usual bullshit ideas that never eventuate. So i didn't miss anything at all really.
When there is no work-stress your brain seeks out little things to blow-up into major issues. It's stupid.
I've been trying (is an understatement) to get to know miss dumber because i've been accused of being superior! me?!!
But you know it's not easy trying to relate to some feral 17year old freshly shitted out of a country town so small you could spit on it.

I don't come with a half-flush button darlinks.

So anyway i tried to bond with her, i think i'm becoming feral using swear words and standing round outside buildings smoking. Sooooo feral!!!

My boss gave these girls "white" business shirts to wear today, oh dear.... they look like albino potato sacks with fat heads on top and big hair. It was just so funny.

Sometimes i love my boss for being so cruel.
She fired a new one the other week because she wouldn't wear make up,

boss - "she looks like she parked her broom in the carpark"

me - "thats so mean! but she did have shiseido issues"


Tomorrow i'm going to meet up with John and have wild sex, er..not quite... just hang out and buy something? haven't bought anything lately, i'm trying to be frugal, it's strange, i'm taking my own lunch to work and even drink.

I need a drink and smoke, fuck, i don't even have time for that nowadays.

SUNDAY 10/3/07

I couldn't be bothered posting a new one , the boy in this pic is yummy.

So i managed to get my lazy arse out to meet john for lunch thing, we sat down to Jet cafe in townhall, it's in the middle of the bloody intersection so i had a scotch and coke

waiter "scotch, with coke?"

stupid but cute so i was kind and repeated "COKE"

So John and i caught up with the latest, so nice to chat with him, he's so intelligent, he's doing a PHD so there you go.
So i smoked abit, drank abit, called up pete and told him i'm going to melbourne in May, yes i'm going in May, John's organising it so it'll be fun! Apparently all the cafes there serve alcohol!! yay!! it's going to be drinks a.m till p.m darlings.
So sunday was babbling along then this smelly frenchman complained about the smell of my smokes, and these young ladies sitting next to us complained in a nice way, so i just apologised and carried on.
But the smelly frenchman kept going on about it and used it to have a conversation with them which kind of pissed me off. I can't stand people who think they're righteous so i inhaled twice and blew more smoke! hehehe hahahaha... they eventually left, fuck it's an outdoor area with ashtray, if you don't like it move away.
I aint stopping my filthy habit for a smelly frenchman who has no friends! kekekeke

Actually, that's not fair, not all french men are smelly. Just some.

I love french things, like croissants and Jean paul gualtier and bread sticks.

we hit incu , john bought a really cool hoodie , then the usual Myers. David-jones where i went psycho in food-hall and bought white necterines and cookies and had some chocolate thing , i bought a pair of skinny black jeans and all of a sudden the day was over.

Sunday... too short for me.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I don't know what it is.. caffine withdrawl?... high-street withdrawl?.... smoking withdrawl???
I've toyed with every possible withdrawl and yet i'm feeling terribly depressed.
Been doing everything right, eating well and more, working out with 2 days rest inbetween, work has been easy, with moments in a solarium and 2hour lunches, Dior gift-with-purchases. Maybe i'm just morose, weather-affected, sad, lonely, i don't know... you know when things are down when you got Placebo on the discman, flat thin nano becomes unappealing.
I even had my nails painted black.

Sometimes i wish i stayed in my arty/angsty state 5 years ago although quite obtuse to the world yet in some ways protected and safe.