Friday, March 21, 2008

I can't stand these ultra-thin pretty young male models!
I just want to go up to them and throw bacon and $5 bills at them, jesus god damn bloody buggery...

One of my speakers from the home theatre is broken, so now i have sound going from the front, left to right.. then stopping behind me on the left hand side and continuing on the right!
It's just ridiculous! So i went and bought some fantastic george jensen home furnishings. An entwined candle stick and a clock so i can tell what time it is in the morning. First thing i see in the morning is a george jensen clock .

Says it all really.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Am i having my hair done in some gothic-underground-carpark?

It's been a while, only because of my unstable social life.
Work has been and still is with the odd mental case here and there, one woman carried on and on about her circumstance and schizophrenic son whom she brought up in dire circumstances, do i really care these days?
shouldn't i be charging 200 per hour excluding the chesterfield sofa?
Or the tranny with receeding hairline and red and white paisley print smock, yes, smock calling herself "miss jones" no wonder by friday i'm a mess, like a puddle of emotions, a puddle darlings.
i went shopping at Shibuya bus stop , they have 2 tiny stores in chinatown, one 'punk' one 'goth'. I don't know what i'm doing but i just found the muslin jackets with cut out holes just too tempting and bought two. Winter will be homeless-goth for me.
Misery attracts alot of things.