Sunday, August 26, 2007

Gorgeous Mel after banana cake in caramel syrup.
Dear Pete came up from melbourne to grace our humble sydney-siders with his melbournian hautiness . So after jabbing needles into people for 6 hrs i ran home to change and rushed out to Paddington to meet him and marvelous Mel who, by contrary reports has not permed her hair, one can only ponder about effects the barometric pressure has on our lives, such facinating lives.
With a quick pizza and drinks beneath a flat-screen television and hoards of men in shirts 1/2 size too small, fat is still fat no matter how hard one tries to manipulate sweat-shop stitching.
We cantered down oxford street with petes facinating friend Jordan, who downed vitamins then proceeded to wipe her lips with a tube of, lip balm (i hope it was lipbalm but it looked strangely like a tube of, toothpaste) inbetween drinks and vegetarian pizzas. What is a vegetarian pizza anyway.

Stomped into Lounge, it's still there after all this time , proceeded to drink and mark off potential victims, it wasn't hard, the room was filled with them. Especially this hideous university student who wore a backless top, too much back Mel quipped as i downed another scotch. Young and fat in fluro-cotton-elastine blend. I'm so glad i'm not part of that generation.
John joined us and the party was in full swing, hopping over to deans for some luxuriously heavy banana cake in caramel syrup, chocolate mudcake sprinkled with walnut crush and pete's sticky date pudding. The dark ambience with some soul/jazz/ghetto-ism played through out, the darkness reminded me of melbourne, it was hidden and lovely.

The day after I threw my tiny abode open for pre-high tea drinks.
Morrocan mint tea with miniature-chocolate and caramel eclairs, cat powers and Pete in fits of lung spasms, jordan and i continued on , we know an attention seeker when we see one!
Strong tea, petit cakes and good conversation and such a glorious day, spring ebbing that much closer and these shadowing days creeping darker and forlorn.

Three of us stood amongst twisting native trees , upturn small boats and a square of lawn edging onto Parramatta river, the smell of dead aquatic life and the brine that slithers through it.

High tea at the Victoria room was to be expected, i enjoyed the smoked salmon, the cucumber sandwiches in goats cheese, i've always had a soft spot for goats cheese in well made sandwiches.
Drinks, Rose infused lychee cocktail lashed with copious amounts of Gin, oh did i forget it was high-tea.
Who cares, colonialism is dead, long live re-interpretation.
i was disappointed with the staff, they weren't coloured.

Managed to poick out a fucking huge bunch of Lillies and bundled myself into a cab back to a world of struggling white carpet and walls begging to be visually raped.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

My stomache hurts, i guess thai mince chicken with chilli doesn't agree with me so i left after midday today leaving henry to the joys of my boss. She's been having it rough lately but then if you don't listen to me in the first place.....
I'll have to get my act together soon because she wants me to study a few courses in the coming months.
Things have been plodding along, with work and 'doing the bay run'. It's what you do when you live in this enclave on the east side. I ran for an hour and half on thursday night, an hour friday night, it's good for stress and having a sexless lifestyle! ha!The write up in the newspaper seemed surreal, it's not what it seems, we don't chi chi in the evenings,
I watched pans labrynth thinking it was a childrens movie, it's not! and wonderland with val kilmer and black dahlia was dreadful.
I'm trying to get some party going on the 7th of sept. since it's the apec meeting and everything is shut down, there is a lovely park down the road that buffers the harbour which would make a wonderful picnic spot. Drinks darlings! drinks!
hmm...maybe we do chi-chi afterall.

Monday, August 06, 2007

My life has become work, dinner, dvd, desert and shopping for knick-knacks and gorgeous things, coffee in balmain the sharp end of town with an organic pretention.
It's just been so hectic living this new micro-luxe life, i go for long walks and jogging after work! Can you believe that!!!

My flatmate and i watched the grudge 2 last night, it was so much fun! although she didn't sleep afterwards.

Work has been, the usual parade of body parts although i haven't done a breast for a while, not since that british girl who worked for molton-brown. That reminds me, i must go down to david jones foodhall soon for some of that chamomile tea and prince charles biscuits grown organically on his estates and most probably fertilised with his shit. Nothing quite like eating royal shit.

Oh and this girl came in with bits of her hairline marked out in pen wanting me to permanently reshape it because,
"you see this mask...." - client places papercut out of mask
"if your face fits on this mask it means you are perfectly balanced in beauty"
*me staring at her paper mask and her eyes moving round in them*
"my hairline is just a bit too low so can you work round the outlined spaces"

I thought about how as a collective of individuals have dissipated into this tower of self-defacing, insecure, immolating pustule we've become. I also thought of really hot guys in! underwear in the summer sun lifting and moving very expensive home furnishings from Missoni, lots of zig zags darling....and proceeded to insert needles into her scalp.

"i'll just listen to bach on my ipod, it will help me cope with the pain" she said.

Anyway, what will we do with Pete when he is in sydney?